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deep in the heart

Come on down, stay a while! We're so excited to share our favorite city -- the place we fell in love and built our lives together -- with our best friends and family. Jonathan calls Austin, 'Living at Summer Camp," and it earns the description. From live music to breakfast tacos, sunshine and swimming, bbq, and more. We know you'll love it!

Read below for room block information and our favorite hotels.

Room Blocks

Transportation to the wedding venue on Saturday will be provided for all guests leaving from The Canopy Hotel. 

Deadline to book room blocks is October 11, 2023.


Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 10.55.35 AM.png

Book the Walker & Newar Wedding Room Block event with the

reference number of M-PI8D5HK. Rate $270/night.

Downtown • Walkable to town lake trails • Rooftop tiki bar and pool

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